Monday, June 14, 2010

Kaitlyn Marie Clayville

A little bit about me:

I am 17 years old and am currently preparing for my Senior and final year at Woods Cross High School. I am the oldest out of three kids (Brielle 5, Taz 13, and Me 17) and with that comes a lot of responsibility and being an example for my younger siblings. Which at times I won't lie I am not the best example. I love my family even though I might not show it in the best of ways. I also have my best friend at my dog Kukka :] she will be two this October. My parents are the greatest and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

I'm a very out going person and love making new friends, I want to become a nurse one day and work at primary childrens hospital, i enjoy the outdoors, roller coasters, music, friends, dance, writing, art, ceramics, i love camping, fishing, fourwheeling, and basically every sport but mostly volleyball. I'm athletic and have a good head on my shoulders. I've always been a pretty good kid and I like to think i still am...for the most part :] My plans for after high school are to get my generals done at datc or slcc and then go to a university and go into nursing. I want to live in australia don't ask me why cuz i really do not know why. i love my family. i love dogs and all animals. i'm very social and kinda a procrastinator at times.

My childhood:

As a child I started out as a Gymnast at Flips gymnastics and continued that for about 6 years until I broke my arm, which caused me to have to quit. I had been doing some dance classes there so I decided that I wanted to persue that dream to become a dancer therefore I went to the Bountiful Stars for 4 years and I had a lot of fun there along with my most embarrassing moment (first year in dance and my top fell off during competition yes I had developed breasts already lol ). I did cheerleading at Millcreek Jr. High and CHEERZ cheerleading gym for two years. I also did volleyball all three years in junior high and I abosolutely loved it and still do to this day.

Sophomore year comes around and I decide that I want to tryout for the drill team and you know what?? I made it! That was a roller coaster ride in itself but I had fun while it lasted.

Junior year I went to Expressions Dance Studio and performed with their highest company team Express. I have had a lot of fun with this group and will miss it dearly.

Now Senior year is just around the corner and I have made the drill team and dance company team for next year and cannot wait for my friends and family to see what we have in store for them :]


I have alot of friends and I love them all! but... my best friends are who I cherish thee most and they are... Rebecca Laird, Kylee Thurman, Charyssa Cahoon, Lynden Turner, and of course Skyler Minchey. I love all five of these people and they are the best things to have ever entered my life and I really do not know what I would do without them. Thank you all for everything you do.


My health is not in the greatest shape and I am working on getting it to where it needs to be. I have asthma, patella femoral syndrome in my knees, and had foot surgery about a year ago which makes it harder for me to stay ontop of things physically. I also am overweight which makes things even more difficult. I was weighing around 195 lbs towards the beginning of 2010 and I know weigh around 178lbs. I'm working on this and I am determined to get my weight to at least like 155. I am trying this whole no soda or candy thing starting today and I know that I can do it because my body needs to be healthier and more fit for the upcoming dance season. With the help of drill, my mom, grandma, and friends I know that I can do anything I want to.


Senior year baby!! I am taking some fun classes next year and I'm so stoked for them :] I am going to be taking U.S. gov, Pre Calc, English, Psycology, AP Biology, Animal Science 2, American Signlanguage 2, be apart of the FCCLA club as well as the FFA club. I am really going to enjoy next year with everything!! My grades have improved a ton from sophomore year. I had a 4.0, 3.9, 3.75, and hopefully another 3.9 for 4th term this last year. Next year will hopefully be around the same if not better GPA. :]

boys will be boys, can't live with em and you can't live without em.
silly boys who don't know what they're talking bout :]

This month on the 6th marks the second year that my grandma paula has not been with us. She passed away on June 6th, 2008. My aunts birthday, and other grandparents anniversary.
Grandma Paula was truly an angel from above. She was an incredible lady and I know that anyone who knew her would agree. I miss her dearly and I want to be just like her. I wanna be kind, giving, welcoming, loving, caring, always there for anyone and everyone, include all people, never to judge someone by their looks, always putting herself before others. I love her and miss all those fond memories of bathing in the sink, making funky shaped pancakes, going out to lunch on my birthday or when she just wanted to be with me, i miss watching movies on her bed with the yellow teddy bear blanket while she took care of me when i was sick, going to bear lake with her and the family and her interacting with all of us grandkids, drawing outside in chalk, playing house downstairs in the condo, i'll never forget my grandma she was so special to me. I love her soo much. :'( The thing that I will never forget is something that my mom told me... She said, "when you're grandma first was diagnosed with cancer she said that she would fight it so she could see you get married" that made me realize how much she really loved me and it makes me cry every time i think about it.( kinda like right now as i'm writing this whole paragraph...) I wish she could have stayed here longer but the lord does what he does and everything happens for a reason although we may not like it or understand why.

this is me and who i am love me or hate me its up to you.

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hey everyone this is my first time blogging so here goes nothing right??

Drill Practice!
We had our first drill practice today and it was rough running a full mile the first time in a long time so after running two full laps around the track and WXHS I sat the rest of it out to give my lungs and poor knees a rest. We did crunches, push ups, drill down, kickline, leaps, and splits :] they all kicked my butt minus the drill down haha I won that! Now towards the end we made a list of goals for our team and I am going to work on them to better myself as a person, athlete, and best of all a dancer.

1. Don't drink soda.
2. Get 8 hours of sleep.
3. Don't eat junk food as much or at all.
4. Run the mile in under 10 minutes!!

I know that I can do these things especially with the help from my mom :] I love her soo much and am trying this weight watchers thing with her and so far this year I have lost just about 20lbs. and thats just the beginning. I have also recently come to the devastating news of how big my chest really is and for all those girls that wish they had me you DON'T! :]
Thanks mom and grandma for everything you guys do to help me stay in shape and I shall do the same for you! We can do it so lets do it!